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Created On7/9/2009
Configuration for iphone/itouch running OS2.2
This guide will walk you though setting up an email account on the Iphone and Itouch running the OS2.2 software.

Start at the home screen and select settings.

Select Mail, Contacts, Calenders.

Select Add Account...

Select Other

Enter in their name, email address, password and description.

It will then try to discover their email server. It might or might not fail

It will now bring you to a screen asking for the mail server. Enter their mail server just as it looks in their Outlook.

During its verification process it will not find the Certificate and ask them to either cancel or continue. Select continue. It will do this process twice.

After it has finished it will put them back into the Mail, Contacts, Calenders menu.

Go into the newly added account and select advanced

Turn Off SSL

Once you turn OFF SSL Hit the home button

Check your email and see if it has populated with your email's.