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Created On5/20/2008
My E-mail program says it can't connect to server.

This can be the result of several things.

Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and that your configuration settings have not changed.

Make sure that you can reach the server by going to the HostWorks Web Mail console.

Determine if the problem is only with sending or receiving e-mail.

Make sure that there are no items in your Outbox that are stuck and blocking the outgoing messages

Log into HostWorks Web Mail console to be sure there is not a stuck message blocking the download of messages.

Test your Antivirus/Security software by disabling it and then trying to Send/Receive e-mail.

Many ISP's will block the default SMTP ports (connection your computer uses to send e-mail) in order to fight spammers. The only way they allow e-mail to be sent is by using their mail servers, which requires you to use your account with them. There are 2 things that can be done to send e-mail from your HostWorks account in spite of this.

One is to set the Outgoing server(SMTP) port to 587. This is an alternate connection for outgoing e-mail through our mail server.
Check the Advanced configuration settings to find the port settings.

The other option is to use their mail server and your account with them for outgoing messages only. You will have to know your account name and password as well as the outgoing mail server for your ISP. This information should have been supplied to you when you activated their service. If you do not have it you will need to contact them.

Again you will have to go into the advance settings of your e-mail client and specify the outgoing server to that of your ISP, then select that your outgoing mail server requires authentication and enter the user name and password from your ISP.

Remember, the Incoming(POP3) server still remains mail.HostWorks.com.

If after checking all of these items you still are unable to connect please open a support ticket with HostWorks.